Chandigarh: CT scans can detect lung infection, says PGI

CHANDIGARH: Even if one did not have any Covid-19 symptoms, but if one has been in contact with an infected person, it is best to do a chest CT scan after the isolation period, as there are chances of lung involvement. This has been inferred in a study done by PGIMER doctors.

The study has also meta analysed the available studies and inferred that the asymptomatic carriers, either children or adults, should be vigilant, as they are capable of shielding and transmitting the infection in their incubation period without showing any signs and symptoms.

The study is a preprint by doctors Khaiwal Ravindra, Vivek Singh Malik,, Bijaya K Padhi, Sonu Goel and Madhu Gupta from the department of community medicine and paediatrics medicine.

The study summarised available retrospective studies, case reports from family-cluster, adults, children, health care workers, and travellers.

Person to person asymptomatic transmission was observed among familial-cluster in an asymptomatic Covid-19 child aged 10 years showed abnormal chest CT and another child with mild chest CT manifestation when his family members were diagnosed Covid-19 positive showing signs of fever and respiratory issues.

The authors suggested that thorough investigations in combination with multiple detection methods (e.g., RT-PCR, chest CT, Rapid IgM-IgG, and serum CRP level) can identify the asymptomatic carriers in the community among varying clinical manifestations between individuals.

As far as infection in the pregnant women is concerned, the study found that among pregnant woman’s fetuses are at high-risk during any disease outbreak.

However, there was no evidence to support that the infection can be transmitted among neonates born to Covid-19 infected mothers.

Some of the reviewed studies done has shown that rapid transmission of Covid-19 had been reported in 76 cases out of which 23 (30.3%) had positive test results, and approximately 13 were asymptomatic on the day of testing, suggesting the possibility of asymptomatic transmission of Covid-19.

“This is the first study which has reviewed possibility of asymptomatic Covid-19 transmission at different levels in the community and identified the potential role of isolation, identification of close contacts, social distancing and testing asymptomatic Covid cases. The diagnostics involve chest CT scan and nucleic acid testing to minimise the spread of the virus in the community,” said Dr Khaiwal.

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