Now, Co-WIN lets substitutes take place of absentees

NEW DELHI: The glitches in the Co-WIN app reported from Covid vaccination session sites are minor software issues mainly related to the initial rollout of vaccinations and at some places unfamiliarity of personnel using it despite training sessions, said officials overseeing the platform.

A reason for delays was non-appearance of persons who were slotted for vaccination and simultaneously others — not listed for the day — showing up. The Co-WIN functions have been changed to allow administrators to register those who are beneficiaries but not scheduled for a shot so that inoculation capacity does not go unutilised.

The issues that have cropped up are being addressed adequately on a real-time basis, senior officials said, adding there was no significant disruption or slowdown in the vaccination process due to software glitches.

“When a programme like this is rolled out at a scale which is unprecedented, minor software glitches are bound to happen and we are addressing these issues in real time as and when they are received by us,” Ram Sewak Sharma, chairman of the empowered group on technology and data management to combat Covid-19, told TOI.

“It is wrong to say that these minor glitches have caused disruptions because the statistics show the vaccination has happened as it should happen,” Sharma, who is also a member of the National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration for Covid-19, said.

The comments came amid concerns about technical glitches in Co-WIN leading to slowdown in vaccination in various centres. Co-WIN is a cloud-based IT platform developed by the Centre to implement, monitor and evaluate the vaccination drive against Covid-19. The app is being used for identification and authentication of beneficiaries, as well as for procurement, distribution and tracking of vaccine supplies.

Officials monitoring Co-WIN on a real time basis say the app is built with a capacity to handle data for up to 50 lakh beneficiaries per day and no major technical fault has been observed so far.

Over 6.3 lakh beneficiaries were vaccinated till Tuesday evening through 11,660 sessions conducted across India. Officials said Co-WIN is light and easy to use and has been designed keeping in mind that it will be used even in remote locations. “It works even with a 2G connection and is designed to work even if connectivity is not there, it will capture the data that is being taken and then sync up with the main server as and when connectivity comes in,” the official said.

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